Raccoon in the Chimney?

Can I light a flame?
For some reason, the initial plan of action people have a tendency to think of is light a fire! This is a poor idea for you as well as the raccoon. We have a tendency to think of fireplaces and chimneys as directly shots upward through the home. In actuality, fireplaces are built with smoke shelves which intentionally make a turn so it’s not a straight shot upward. This shelf is the best spot for raccoons to nest and raise their babies. If a fire is lit and the smoke climbs up the chimney, then the raccoon might just sit on that shelf and await the flame. Quite often they die while sitting on that shelf. Now you’ve got a dead raccoon that’ll be decomposing in a quick moment.Croatia, Dubrovnik, Roof, Tiles, Chimney

This is a frequent misconception. Knowing this, it would seem that in the event you wait until nightfall and set a cap on the chimney, your problem will be solved. I’ll provide you two reasons not to cap your chimney while the raccoon is away. First of all, the raccoon might just be a youthful Mother and now you’ve got 3-7 dying babies in your chimney. When they eventually die, they will decompose and an odor will permeate your residence like Rat Poop. Secondly, if you exclude the raccoon from its house, it can do GREAT damage to your roof attempting to get back in. Most important to that mother raccoon is to reunite with her babies, regardless of what it takes to get back into your dwelling.


The very best method to have the raccoon out of your chimney is to seek the services of a Nuisance Wildlife Removal expert. They’ll inspect your house and decide the best approach to have the raccoon out. They’ll determine whether there are babies involved and remove them in addition to the mother. They will then advise you of the options for capping the chimney so you’ll never have this issue again.

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